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Welcome to Bond Street Awards

The Bond Street Awards is an international recognition which is awarded to world excellence in various fields.

Awards are presented annually to companies, entrepreneurs and managers, whose business culture corresponds to only the highest ethical and professional standards. The Awards seek to reward those who have had stand out years in their field be that for their insight and skills, management, development, innovation, research or humanitarian efforts.

Special attention is given in the allocation of awards for individual achievement which is granted on the basis of an exceptional performance within their respective industry or sector. A further aim of the Bond Street Awards is to create a networking platform which grants winners and awards alumni with an opportunity to network, to compare experiences and to share business cultures and management training.

It is the teams hope that by bringing these stand out individuals together, they can create a network that brings positive change to our world.

Giuseppe Masella Consulting

Dear All,

This year’s Bond Street awards have been biggest and best yet. I am delighted to see amongst our winners a huge array of talent from such a diverse group of fields. Every year I am amazed and humbled by the calibre of individuals who are put forward and selected for these awards, from right across the international community.

A personal thank you to our main sponsor this year, Capital Net, who have been fantastic to work with and epitomise everything which is great about the Bond Street Awards. I hope you all have a great evening, and I trust you will join me in conveying all of our congratulations and best wishes to this year's winners.

Giuseppe Masella
Chair Bond Street Awards